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SUMMARY: 28 scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals in the field of plant evolutionary ecology, evolutionary biology, botany, cliff ecology, conservation biology, biotic interactions, microbial biology or ecosystem functioning and services. I am the first or corresponding author in 57% of these publications and the average IF is of 4.65.

Accepted / Under review

Morales-Armijo, F.; Sobrevilla-Covarrubias, A.; Estrada-Castillón, E.; Escudero, A.; Scheepens, J.F.; Lorite, J. & March-Salas, M. (2024). Origin of the impact of rock climbing on cliff ecosystems: A guide to evidence-based conservation management to regulate climbing. EcoEvorxiv (under review in Journal of Applied Ecology).

Harrison, G.R.; Boggess, L.M.; McCord, S.E. & March-Salas, M. (2024). A call to action for inventory and monitoring of cliff ecosystems to support conservation (under review in Basic and Applied Ecology).

Karitter, P., March-Salas, M., Ensslin, A., Rauschkolb, R., Godefroid, S., Poorter, H. & Scheepens, J. F. (2023). Garden, greenhouse or climate chamber? Experimental conditions influence whether genetic differences are phenotypically expressed. EcoEvorxiv (under review in Plant Biology).

Zvereva, E.L.; Adroit, B.; Andersson, T.; Barnett, C.R.A.; Branco, S.; Castagneyrol, B.; Chiarenza, G.M. ; Dáttilo, W.; del-Val, E.; Filip, J.[11]; Griffith, J.; Hargreaves, A.; Hernández-Agüero, J.A.; Holanda, I.; Hong, Y.; Kietzka, G.; Klimez, P.;  Koistinen, M.; Kruglova, O.; Kumpula, S.[21]; Lopezosa, P.; March-Salas, M.; Marquis, R. J.; Marusik, Y.M., Moles, A.; Muola, A.; Murkwe, M.; Nakamura, A.; Olson, C.; Pagani-Núñez, E.; Popova, A.; Rahn, O.; Reshchikov, A.; Rodriguez-Campbell, A.; Rytkönen, S.; Sam, K.; Sounapoglou, A.; Tropek, R.; Wenda, C.; Xu, G.; Zeng, Y.; Zolotarev, M.; Zubrii, N.; Zverev, V.; Kozlov, M.V. (2023). Predation on live and artificial insect prey show different global latitudinal patterns (under review in Global Ecology and Biogeography).

Karitter, P., Corvers, E., Karrenbauer, M, March-Salas, M., Stojanova, B., Ensslin, A., Godefroid, S., & Scheepens, J. F. (2023). Evolution of competitive ability and the response to nutrient availability: a resurrection study with the calcareous grassland herb, Leontodon hispidus. EcoEvorxiv (under review in Oecologia).

Møller, C.; March-Salas, M.; De Frenne, P. & Scheepens, J.F (2023). Forest understorey herbs show little evidence of genetic adaptation but strong plastic responses to forest management intensities. EcoEvorxiv (under review in AoB Plants).

Czech, L.; Peng, Y.; Spence, J. P.; Lang, P. L.; Bellagio, T.; Hildebrandt, J.; ...; March-Salas, M.; … & Exposito-Alonso, M. (2023). Monitoring rapid evolution of plant populations at scale with Pool-Sequencing. biorxiv (under review in eLife).


Karitter, P., March-Salas, M., Ensslin, A., Rauschkolb, R., Godefroid, S., & Scheepens, J. F. (2023). Combining the resurrection approach with transplant experiments to investigate adaptation of plant populations to environmental change. Perspectives in Plant Ecology, Evolution and Systematics [IF: 3.842]

Springer, K., Coquery, T., Holland, V., Fitze, P. S., Scheepens, J. F., & March-Salas, M. (2023). Precipitation predictability drives evolution of drought tolerance in the common poppy, Papaver rhoeas. Functional Ecology [IF: 6.284].

March-Salas, M., Lorite, J., Bossdorf, O., & Scheepens, J. F. (2023). Cliffs as priority ecosystems. Conservation Biology, e14166. [IF:7.563]. 

Møller, C.; De Frenne, P.; March-Salas, M.; Vanneste, T.; Verheyen, K. & Scheepens, J.F. (2023). Forest management drives evolution of understorey herbs. Forest Ecology and Management, 548, 121390 [IF: 4.384].

March-Salas, M.; Morales-Armijo, F.; Hernández-Agüero, J.A.; Estrada-Castillón, E.; Sobrevilla-Covarrubias, A.; Arévalo, J.R.; Scheepens, J.F. & Lorite, J. (2023). Rock climbing affects cliff-plant communities by reducing species diversity and altering species coexistence patterns. Biodiversity and Conservation, 32: 1617–1638 [IF: 4.296].

Møller, C.; March-Salas, M.; Kuppler, J.; De Frenne, P. & Scheepens, J.F. (2023). Intra-individual variation in Galium odoratum is affected by experimental drought and shading. Annals of Botany, mcac148 [IF: 5.04].


Krah, F.S. & March-Salas, M. (2022). eDNA metabarcoding reveals high soil fungal diversity and variation in community composition among Spanish cliffs. Ecology and Evolution,12(12), e9594 [IF: 3.167].

March-Salas, M.; Scheepens, J.F.; van Kleunen, M; & Fitze, P.F. (2022). Precipitation predictability affects intra- and trans-generational plasticity and causes differential selection on root traits of Papaver rhoeas. Frontiers in Plant Science, 13: 998169 [IF: 6.627].

Estrada-Castillón, E.; Villarreal-Quintanilla, J.Á.; Cuéllar-Rodríguez, L.G.; March-Salas, M.; Encina-Domínguez, J.A.; Himmeslbach, W.; ... & Gutiérrez-Santillán, T. V. (2022). Ethnobotany in Iturbide, Nuevo León: The Traditional Knowledge on Plants Used in the Semiarid Mountains of Northeastern Mexico. Sustainability, 14(19): 12751 [IF: 3.889].


March-Salas, M.; van Kleunen, M. & Fitze, P.S (2022). Effects of intrinsic precipitation-predictability on root traits, allocation strategies, and the selective regime acting on them. Oikos, 2022(1): e07970 [IF: 4.257].

Noriega, J.A.; March-Salas, M.; Castillo, S.; García‐Q, H.; Hortal, J.; & Santos, A.M. (2021). Human perturbations reduce dung beetle diversity and dung removal ecosystem function. Biotropica, 53(3): 753-766 [IF: 2.867].

deCastro-Arrazola, I.*; March-Salas, M.* & Lorite, J. (2021). Assessment of the potential risk of rock-climbing for cliff plant species and natural protected areas of Spain. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 9: 611362 [IF: 4.493].

March-Salas, M.; Fandos, G.; & Fitze, P.S. (2021). Effects of intrinsic environmental predictability on intra-individual and intra-population variability of plant reproductive traits and eco-evolutionary consequences. Annals of Botany, 127(4): 413-423 [IF:5.04].


Noriega, J.A.; March‐Salas, M.; Pertierra, L.R. & Vulinec, K. (2020). Spatial partitioning of perching on plants by tropical dung beetles depends on body size and leaf characteristics: a sit‐and‐wait strategy for food location. Ecological Entomology, 45(5): 1108-1120 [IF: 2.465].

March‐Salas, M. & Pertierra, L.R. (2020). Warmer and less variable temperatures favour an accelerated plant phenology of two invasive weeds across sub‐Antarctic Macquarie Island. Austral Ecology, 45(5): 572-585 [IF:1.771].

March-Salas, M. (2020). Towards the evaluation of the climbing impact on Mediterranean plant biodiversity to promote transboundary conservation measures. Conservación Vegetal, 4: 45-47.


March-Salas, M.; van Kleunen, M.; & Fitze, P.S. (2019). Rapid and positive responses of plants to lower precipitation predictability. Proceedings of the Royal Society B., 286(1913): 20191486 [IF:5.53].

March-Salas, M. & Fitze, P.S. (2019). Changes in environmental predictability alter a plant’s chemical composition and associated ecosystem services. Environmental and Experimental Botany, 168: 103865 [IF:6.028].

March-Salas, M. & Fitze, P.S. (2019). A multi-year experiment shows that lower precipitation predictability encourages plants’ early life stages and enhances population viability. PeerJ, 7: e6443 [IF: 3.061].


Benítez, G.; March-Salas, M.; Villa-Kamel, A.; Cháves-Jiménez, U.; Hernández, J.; Montes-Osuna, N.; ... & Cariñanos, P. (2018). The genus Datura L. (Solanaceae) in Mexico and Spain–Ethnobotanical perspective at the interface of medical and illicit uses. Journal of Ethnopharmacology, 219, 133-151 [IF: 5.09].

March-Salas. M.; Moreno-Moya, M.; Palomar, G.; Tejero-Ibarra. P.; Haeuser. E. & Pertierra. L.R. (2018). An innovative vegetation survey design in Mediterranean cliffs shows evidence of higher tolerance of specialized rock plants to rock climbing activity. Applied Vegetation Science, 21(2): 289-297 [IF: 3.431].

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