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My name is Martí (although many call me Tinet). I was born in Pollença, a town in the Northeast of Mallorca, but from the age of three I grew up in Granada. My academic life has taken me to live in many other places, both within Spain, such as Madrid or Jaca, and in other parts of the world, including Southampton (UK), Mexico City (Mexico), Konstanz (Germany), and Frankfurt am Main (Germany), where I currently live.

My research mainly focuses on unraveling the evolutionary processes and dynamic biotic and abiotic interactions of plants in the face of climate change and human-induced pressures. I use observational and experimental approaches, and I draw from approaches in plant evolutionary ecology, functional ecology, biotic Interactions, microbial ecology, global change biology, genetic diversity, and conservation and restoration ecology. The conservation of cliff flora is a main topic of my research, due to its outstanding conservation value, uniqueness and the diversity of endemic cliff species. My goal is to uncover the threats that can impact the persistence of these species, unravel their ecological dynamics and biotic interactions, and to understand the eco-evolutionary processes occurring within cliff ecosystems.


I am also highly interested in the dissemination of science both to the general public and to the scientific community, and in teaching enthusiastic students the ins and outs of plant ecology, evolutionary ecology and the conservation of biodiversity.

Aside from research, I like being with family and friends and I love movies, cooking, hiking, snorkeling, and almost all sports! 

In recent years, running has become essential in my life, allowing me to discover many places. I have managed to overcome exciting challenges such as an Ultra Trail in Menorca, two Marathons and five Half Marathons...and I have many left to overcome.

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